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Reef Fishing Bermuda

Sailing & Reef Fishing

Fully equipped to troll and fish, our luxury catamaran gives everyone a taste of something they love. Whether that be sunbathing on the water, relaxing in the hammock or casting a line off the back of the boat and hauling in some nice snappers, we have what you're looking for. Sail out to Bermuda's beautiful reefs with us and experience a part of Bermuda only the locals see. 

Half Day Charter: $1700, 4.5 hours of sailing and reef fishing

Full Day Charter: $3400, 9 hours of sailing with more time spent reef fishing


All sail & fish charters include a custom itinerary as well as all necessary fishing gear We have a beverages on board for purchase - Add a BBQ to your charter! Bermuda Spiny Lobster served in season (September - March). $40/per person